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ESF changes... - what?
a)From what i see, tested and think:

1 - New m20 nose gun: same as default gun but with 95 shot mag and lower rof (600).
2 - Coyote -> weak direct damage (100) and 300+ indirect damage.
3 - Hornet -> big direct damage (1500) big indirect damage (750).

1 - new m20 doesn't feel as powerfull as vortex
2 - coyote -> maybe this can be a kind of fury for the reaver but forget it for a air-fight
3 - Hornet -> feels like a AV-mana for the reaver if both shots hit a ESF it willl be on fire.
- Easy to hit veichles withit.

In the end i can express myself with this table:

Its good ? Worth 700SC ? Are you going to buy it?
new m20 No No No
Coyote Maybe No No
Hornet Yes Yes Yes

b) Engage Radar
Seems usefull but i will stick with the flares, maybe with will be a good combo:
engage radar+stealth+hornet (appear out of nowhere and PONOOOOOOOOOO them).

Coyote may work with scout radar, but again, you will not have flares and will not be able to do a proper air fight.

As we all know, VR will not confirm any of this, theres nothing like a in-game testing.

My reaver with hornets will be at your disposal for in-game testing.


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