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Default What are your favorite infantry weapons and why?

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1 - Piston w/ 2x scope, extended mag and slug - Because its automatic, you can do long shots with it and in close range when aiming chest the second hit is a headshot.

2 - NS-15M - It isn't good at anything but it is nice at everything, with the compensator and the forward grip it becames a "laser".

3- Blitz - The 50 bullet mag and the rate of fire are nice, the best weapon to use between CQC and medium range.

4- NS11A - Brings a new life to the medic class, much better than the related NS11C

5- GD-7F - My "new" gun to get guys "behind trees and rocks" while riding a vanguard.

6- Comissioner - The best long range pistol.

7- Underboss - The best to use in that "oh shit, can't reload now" times.
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