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Suggestions for MEET-DAYS - DonKnarzo - 04-21-2014

i'd like to see your ideas about what "tactics" we can do/try on the PONO MEET DAYS here.
some of mine:

as many infiltrators with STALKER-CLOAK as possible in one room (e.g. capture-point, gen-room).[/COLOR]

at least 6 (!) PONOs equipped with the PHOENIX in a battle-sundy.

a galaxy (good galaxy, good pilot, 1 good gunner at F2) in the air, LAs (as many as possible) with C4/drifter jump-jets spawning in it, drop on ground armor/zergs, destroy, redeploy into galaxy, over and over again.

1 repair sundy deployed at a "safe" spot, at least 3 harasser-crews sticking together around that area. 4 harry's would be better, ten would be insane.

Suggestions for MEET-DAYS - renegade - 04-21-2014

I like all options but i think first we must do the stalker cloak infiltrator will be so fun just sitting in one place waiting one guy to come and then evryone spot him the same time Big Grin

Suggestions for MEET-DAYS - Dexinjo - 04-23-2014

I like the blue one Smile