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El Pono Logos! - SniperFameGr - 04-13-2014

Here's the , so far, chosen Logo! if you like it, let me know! If you want to see the rest of the logos, or if you would like to recommend any change on it let me know!

El Pono Logos! - ColbyGR - 04-13-2014

Very nice design

El Pono Logos! - renegade - 04-13-2014


El Pono Logos! - DonKnarzo - 04-14-2014

nice work!
i think the skull may get a little love, as it's "drawing-style" doesn't fit perfectly to the rest of the logo.
maybe put a gold-effect or some blue or yellow shine on it?
the "battle-chicken" is also very nice - great work!

El Pono Logos! - SniperFameGr - 04-14-2014

I guess you're right! I'll test your ideas on photoshop, and if they'll look good to me, I'll show you guys the final work... Till then, I saw we keep this! Smile